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What we do...

Debatably the most important part of any job is the design stage. This is why our expert programmers clearly draw every project with the necessary details so you can visually see the final product months before the job is complete.

We design everything in-house to ensure our prints are completed to our standards and in a timely manner. We are constantly updating our CAD software and computer systems to ensure the very best for our customers. In a technologically driven society it is imperative to have the very latest and very best equipment.


Depending upon the size and complexity of the job, after a set of approved shop drawings and finalized programming, the building stage may take months, weeks or even just a couple days to cut, build and ship- a testament to our extremely efficient machinery and skilled shop men.

We currently operate in 16,000 sq/ft of warehouse and 2,000 sq/ft of office. We do not consider ourselves a large shop; however, we have learned to adapt to our space by utilizing every sq/ft of the building, resulting in our ability to handle large projects.



It is one thing to design and build a product, but without a proper installation the job may not be up to the customer's or WI standards. This is why we do it all! We offer our customers a package, from start to finish, with no third parties to complicate operations.

We are certified to work with many unusual materials such as: trespa, epoxy, solid surface, and chemical resistant surfaces.

General Information:

Dennis Lynn Reeves, the founder of Reeves Enterprises, started working for his uncle, Rick Reeves, in 1974. It was there Dennis learned many of his skills he has implemented into his business today. Commitment, hard work and quality are just a few things he bases his company off of.

Soon after moving to California in 1979, Dennis became well known to numerous clients and developed relationships with several national retail chains. Reeves Enterprises was officially founded in 1981 and holds the rights to three patents.

You can find the work of Reeves Enterprises throughout the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. We have shipped projects to over 30 states and we believe that there is nothing out of our reach.

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Woodwork Institute Website
A proud member since 2002

Our Licenses:

A For all millwork products other than casework and LP/Laboratory computers
B For Casework
C* For flat (only) plastic laminate countertop
DS For solid surface countertops
DL For acid resistant laboratory countertops
A-E For installation of all A licence products
B-E For installation of casework
C-E For installation of LP countertops
DS-E For installation of solid surface countertops
DL-E For installation of laboratory countertops


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